Cognitive Advisors to Showcase “The Un-LMS” – Mobile Software to Support 70:20:10

June 9, 2014

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Marty Rosenheck, Ph.D.
CEO and Chief Learning Strategist
Cognitive Advisors

EVANSTON. IL – Cognitive Advisors will showcase the new TREK Learning Experience ManagerTM mobile software at the eLearning Guild’s mLearnCon Mobile Learning Conference & Expo in to be held June 24-26 in San Diego. TREK has been dubbed “The Un-LMS” because it goes beyond traditional Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to leverage mobile devices to manage, capture, and track informal and experiential learning on the job.

“The majority of learning and development professionals that I talk with see the value of implementing the 70:20:10 framework,” says Dr. Marty Rosenheck, CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at Cognitive Advisors, “but they find it too hard to do. Their LMSs handle the formal courses, but they fall short when it comes to managing and tracking on-the-job learning and coaching. We built the TREK Learning Experience Manager to fill that gap.”

The TREK Learning Experience Manager goes beyond the Learning Management System (LMS) to harness the power of on-the-job learning. Built from the ground up on the Experience API (Tin Can), TREK is a mobile cloud-based application that manages, captures, and tracks experiential learning (real world, on-the-job experiences) and informal learning (like coaching conversations, looking things up, or viewing brief videos). TREK provides a workflow for “nano-coaching” – small, targeted, asynchronous coaching interactions. It enables the creation of individualized learning paths that optimize the path to achievement of key competencies, awards badges to recognize achievements, and provides learning analytics to tie learning to business results. TREK can be connected to an organization’s existing LMS to extend its ability to handle on-the job learning for a mobile workforce.

Cognitive Advisors will demonstrate TREK at the mLearnCon Expo (Booth #314) and in the mLearning DemoFest. In addition, Dr. Marty Rosenheck, Chief Learning Strategist and CEO at Cognitive Advisors, will give a talk on “Using Mobile and the xAPI to Capture and Track Real World Experience” on the New Directions stage. He will also speak on “Nano-coaching: Using Mobile Devices to Support On-the-Job Learning” on the New Possibilities stage.

TREK in Action

One early adopter, the Water Quality Association (WQA), conducted a pilot of TREK for getting field service technicians, equipment installers, and sales reps up to speed and certified. They have developed a competency-based curriculum that puts field-based learning first, supported by mobile performance support and coaching as well as some online learning. Learners follow a learning path on their mobile devices that guides them through a sequence of learning activities that are aligned with required skills and competencies.

For example, an installer who needs to learn how to install a piece of equipment consults her learning path on her smartphone. The learning path guides her to view an online learning module on how to install it, then to review an installation checklist from the mobile knowledge base, and finally to practice installing it at a customer site. When she is done, she uses her smartphone to create an ePortfolio entry: she takes a picture of her work, records a brief audio note about challenges she faced, and geotags the customer location. She submits it to her coach or supervisor, who gets an email notification that it is ready to review and refers to his mobile coaching guide to provide targeted feedback. They refer to the ePortfolio entry during their coaching conversation later that week. When she has demonstrated that she can successfully install that equipment, she is issued an electronic badge that she proudly shares through the Mozilla badges “backpack.”

“I love the ability to communicate back and forth with my employees,” said a manager who coached new hires during the pilot. “I love being proactively prompted that something is ready for me to review. This system gives me a reason to talk with my people about customers and issues so I can tell if they understand what they’re learning. I liked it so much I WANT to coach more people.”

The mLearnCon 2014 Expo hall will feature the latest tools, technologies and services from more than 60 exhibitors. Attendees will get an inside look at the latest and best tools, technologies, and service providers in the eLearning, mobile learning, and performance support field.

Three keynote presentations, more than 100 breakout sessions presented by industry leaders, pre-conference certificate programs, educational learning stages providing continuous presentations, the unique mLearning DemoFest, and numerous networking activities will round out the program.

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About Cognitive Advisors

Cognitive Advisors provides learning strategy consulting on how to integrate informal, experiential, and formal learning to optimize the path to top-notch performance. To support the goal of optimizing performance, we have developed software that aligns experiential and informal learning with performance goals to create flexible learning paths that shorten the time to proficiency. This cutting-edge software, the TREK Learning Experience ManagerTM is a mobile application that is based on the Experience API (Tin Can). TREK goes beyond what an LMS can do by capturing and aligning experiential and informal learning. Visit our website to learn more.