Consulting Services

Cognitive Advisors’ consultants will help your organization develop an integrated learning strategy that gets your people up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Learning and Performance Strategy

Learning and Performance Strategy Canvass

  • Learning Experience Design – Designing formal, informal, and on-the-job learning activities (70:20:10) that result in proficient job performance.
  • Curriculum Design – Designing learning paths consisting of a systematic set of learning experiences that optimize the development of proficient job performance – reducing the time to proficiency by 30% or more.
  • Competency and Proficiency Development – Building competency models and breaking them down into specific, measurable proficiency statements.
  • Assessment –Assessing and reporting on the attainment of competence and performance results.
  • Knowledge Harvesting – Using cognitive science-based methodologies to uncover the implicit knowledge of experts/master practitioners and putting it in a form that supports employee skill development.


Learning Technology Consulting and Development

  • Learning Technology Ecosystems
  • Electronic Performance Support Systems
  • Experience API (xAPI)
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Workshops (Can be 1/2 day or full day)

  • Knowledge Harvesting: Capturing the knowledge of your experts and master practitioners
  • Learning Experience Design
  • Learning Paths: Creating a learning path that integrates formal, informal, social and experiential learning
  • Learning Ecosystems
  • Cognitive Science Principles for Skill Development


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