Nano-coaching is the key to on-the-job learning that gets results.

On-the-Job Learning Depends on Effective Coaching

On-the-job experience is one of the most effective ways to develop workplace skills. The cycle of plan-do-reflect is proven to increase proficiency. However, the success of on-the-job learning is dependent on effective, targeted coaching and feedback at each stage of the cycle (see the red items in the diagram below).


Why Manager-as-Coach Initiatives Fail

Recognizing the importance of coaching, many organizations have instituted “manager as coach” initiatives. However, even after attending coaching workshops, most managers don’t provide effective coaching and feedback. Many managers feel over-burdened and under-prepared because they lack the time, skills, and knowledge needed to coach effectively. They also question the usefulness of traditional coaching in long infrequent sessions because it is too general and too removed from the action. To make matters worse, there is often no tracking or accountability. As a result effective coaching does not get done – and performance suffers.

So what’s the solution? Nano-coaching.

What is Nano-Coaching?

Elliott Masie, a workplace-learning expert, defines nano-coaching as “very short burst support.” Nano-coaching, supported by mobile technology, enables frequent, short, targeted, asynchronous coaching interactions, and makes it easy for managers to give timely feedback that support their employees’ job performance.

Key Features of Nano-Coaching

coaching vs. nano-coaching

TREK: Making Nano-Coaching Possible

TREK Learning Experience ManagerTM allows you to manage all the learning in your organization: formal, informal, and experiential. This mobile, cloud-based software was built specifically to support the nano-coaching cycle and workflow.

the nano-coaching cycle

TREK manages the nano-coaching workflow:

  • Captures work product using the sensors of the mobile device (GPS, camera, audio recorder, observation checklists).
  • Notifies the coach with an email and on her TREK dashboard there is work to review.
  • Enables a network of coaches by automatically routing the work to be reviewed to different coaches based on the type of work.
  • Makes it easy for the coach to review the work product anytime, anywhere from her PC or mobile device.
  • Provides performance support for the coach in the form of guidelines, checklists, or reference materials.
  • Enable the coach to give succinct, targeted feedback through an audio recording, text, checklists, or rating scales.
  • Lets the coach certify competence by requiring the employee to try the task again with feedback until it is approved.
  • Provides accountability and visibility into the nano-coaching process, giving credit to the coach and enabling the coach’s manager to “coach-the-coach.”

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