Harness the 90%People develop proficiency and mastery through a balanced blend of learning activities, including a combination of formal, informal, and experiential learning. But traditional Learning Management Systems are designed to support only formal learning, which accounts for approximately 10% of the real learning that happens. Without support for the other 90%—the informal and experiential learning—learning professionals have no easy way to manage and support the entire learning process.

Now, there’s a way to manage all the learning in your organization: formal, informal, and experiential: TREKTM Learning Experience Manager.

TREK Learning Experience Manager (LEM):

  • Manages, tracks and reports on the full range of learning
  • Is built from the ground-up with the Experience API (Tin Can) to capture learning outside the LMS
  • Offers cloud-based software designed for today’s mobile workforce
  • Aligns all learning experiences to competencies
  • Supports personalized learning paths to tailor learning for each learner

TREK Desktop and Mobile mockup

Optimize the Path to Productivity

People learn best by doing. The path to productivity is optimized when learners are given opportunities to develop knowledge and skills through experience. Informal and experiential learning provide those “learn by doing” opportunities that traditional Learning Management Systems don’t support.

Speed To Mastery

TREK makes it easy to track and measure learning that is focused on experience. It goes above and beyond to support many of the best practices in learning:

  • Learners reflect on their experiences to solidify the learning using their mobile ePortfolio
  • Coaches and mentors support the learning process through review and feedback of ePortfolio entries
  • Learners earn badges to recognize achievements of key competencies

With TREK, your people will get up to speed faster!

How TREK Learning Experience Manager Works

TREK Learning Experience Manager Diagram

  • Individualized learning paths allow learners to combine the right mix of formal, informal and experiential learning activities to meet their particular needs. By completing the activities on their individualized learning paths, learners develop the competencies – or desired skills and knowledge – they need for top-notch performance.
  • The Mobile ePortfolio supports and captures experiential and informal learning activities – including field-based experiences and coaching conversations.
  • Location, photos, audio and video can be captured in the ePortfolio to document their field-based learning experiences.
  • Share ideas and best practices documented in the ePortfolio to social sites.
  • The mobile Observation Guide supports mentors and coaches in providing targeted feedback with custom observation checklists and free-form feedback fields.
  • The Learning Record Store (LRS) collects the Experience API (Tin Can) statements that document learners’ progress through each learning activity. The collection of xAPI statements in the LRS can be analyzed to report on learners’ progress and optimize learning.
  • Badges are awarded as learners achieve milestones.
  • Learning Analytics tie fine-grained data on what the learner did to Performance Metrics.

Mobile First! Cloud Based!

TREK LEM supports today’s mobile on-the-go workforce:

  • Works on ALL the devices used today – computer, tablet, and smartphone.
  • The responsive design is optimized for mobile and delivers the ideal experience for all devices.
  • The mobile ePortfolio records real world experiences in the field – where and when they happen!
  • Takes advantage of today’s smartphone features – geolocator records where things happen, and the camera, mic, and video recorder document work.

With this cloud-based solution you can:

  • Seamlessly start working on one device and finish it on another
  • Access TREKTM anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Eliminate complicated IT setup

Experience API

TREK LEM is one of the first solutions built from the ground up to take advantage of the Experience API (Tin Can):

  • Post-SCORM standard that supports tracking of ALL types of learning outside of the LMS
  • Gives visibility to what the learner is doing, independent of how the learning activity was initiated
  • Focuses on the learning activities, rather than the system that hosts them
  • Being adopted by all major eLearning tool providers

Each learning activity generates Experience API (xAPI) statements, which report the learner’s progress and completion of the learning activity. A Learning Record Store (LRS) stores the Experience API statements, which can then be analyzed and reported on.

Supports Coaching

TREK LEM delivers coaching tools as part of the continuous learning process.

  • A mobile Observation Guide delivers custom forms to help coaches give targeted feedback
  • Checklists support the observation
  • ePortfolio entries encourage learners to reflect on their learning
  • Coaches review and approve ePortfolio entries to make sure the learner is on track
  • Coaches provide feedback on learning experiences through the ePortfolio and Observation Guide

Works with Your Existing Systems

TREK LEM’s open architecture (APIs and web services) leverages the investment you’ve already made in systems such as:

  • LMS
  • HRIS
  • Social sites
  • Performance Management
  • Business Metrics

Reporting and Analytics

TREK LEM’s Learning Record Store (LRS) is a valuable repository of learner activity that can be analyzed to:

  • Report on the progress of individuals, groups, or the entire organization
  • See which learning activities are resonating with learners
  • Leverage the success of your highest performers – their learning path may become the template for others
  • Tie the learning to business metrics to demonstrate the value of your training investment to the organization


TREK issues badges that recognize achievement of milestones. Badges add an element of gamification and fun to learning. They also show evidence of how the badge was earned, giving powerful proof of the learner’s knowledge and skills.

TREK ties into Mozilla’s Open Badges framework so the badges earned can be authenticated and shared.

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See how TREK is being used today to support targeted training that gets employees up to speed fast.

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